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2017 Storm Shelter Grant Information

UPDATE JANUARY 17, 2018: If you submitted your application between August 31 and November 30, 2017, the State of Oklahoma has approved those reimbusements and checks are being processed by the City of Newcastle this week.

UPDATE JANUARY 2018: Our general guidelines state that it may take up to 12 weeks to recieve a reimbursement, however, we are speaking with our contacts at the state level and in some cases we are seeing delays of several months. We are concerned for the speed of these reimbursements and are staying in contact with state officials to ensure that there are no further delays in getting reimbursements to our citizens.

This page is intended to help those grant applicants who have been notified that they are approved to proceed.

FEMA is allowing 100 shelters to be newly built with a 75% reimbusement (up to $2,500). A public drawing was held August 4, 2017 at the Newcastle Storm shelter from the pool of 166 initial applicants. Applicants had to be present at the drawing in order to be approved to proceed. 100 applicants were notified at the public drawing, with 12 alternates.

If you have been notified you are approved to proceed, please be aware that FEMA has many rules that MUST be adhered to in order to receive a reimbursement.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A REIMBURSEMENT. You will not receive funds to build a shelter, but you will be reimbursed 75% of allowed shelter costs (up to $2,500) for having newly built a shelter according to all FEMA rules for this grant.


  1. Negotiate a contract with a qualified storm shelter contractor of your choice within 30 days of approval notification. A qualified contractor will utilize standards as established by FEMA 320 and/or ICC 500. (This 30-day time limit is for your benefit, please use it as a guideline, keeping in mind the FIRM 6 month deadline)
  2. Submit a plot plan of your property showing the location your shelter is to be installed on your property and a building permit application. (Shelter Building Permit - Click Here) The plot plan, building permit application, and $29.00 building permit fee should be submitted to the Community Development Department at City Hall, 120 N.E. 2nd.
  3. Once a Building Permit has been issued, proceed with construction of the shelter. You will have six (6) months from the date of approval to complete the installation of your shelter.
  4. Upon completion of construction, a final inspection will be required. You must request this inspection with the Community Development Department. Once the final inspection has been made and approved, the following items included in the approval packet must be submitted to Newcastle Emergency Manager, Kevin Self at City Hall to receive your rebate:
    • completed installation certificate signed by the installer (must also be notarized),
    • Name of storm shelter manufacturer and shelter specifications that meets FEMA 320 (link) and/or ICC 500 (link) standards
    • copy of the paid invoice,
    • copy of the method of payment (cancelled check, money order receipt, credit card receipt or statement, etc. - PLEASE DO NOT PAY IN CASH, THERE MUST BE PAPERWORK SHOWING THE PAYMENT),
    • picture of the front of the house,
    • picture of the storm shelter showing the door, door hinges, and surrounding area, and
    • completed reimbursement request form.


  • Shelter MUST be installed within 100 feet of the house.
  • If the shelter is installed in a detached garage, the detached garage MUST be within 100 feet of the house.
  • Shelter MUST be installed at the property address that was listed on the VPN by the applicant in June 2016.
  • Only the shelter and installation costs are reimbursable. Any accessories such as, but not limited to: electric, lighting, benches, etc. will not be reimbursed.
  • Once the shelter is installed, obtain GPS coordinates of the shelter and record the numbers on your installation certificate.

NOTE: Please allow up to 12 weeks after submitting required documentation to receive your rebate.

For questions concerning the shelter rebate program:

  • General Questions: Kevin Self, Emergency Manager, 387-4427
  • Building Questions: Todd Kennemer, City Planner, 387-4427

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Last Updated: August 7, 2017