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This proclamation covers many changes to existing COVID-19 measures. One major change is a shelter-in-place order, staying at home, unless you must travel for essential needs. Exact text...
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Addressing Covid-19 Pandemic to Mitigate Spread of Virus
Many cities, counties, and states across the nation are experiencing unprecedented and uncertain times with the rapid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Federal, state, and municipal...
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Monday, February 10, 2020

Changes are coming to Veteran’s Park!

From the City Manager’s Office
The City Council awarded the contract during the September council meeting for the construction of a splash-pad to be located on the east side of Veteran’s Park just off of Veteran’s...
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Community involvement gives better outcomes
It does not matter if you live in a small country town or a large metropolitan city, there are always opportunities for you to serve your fellow citizens in some capacity. Cities and towns across...
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It has been busy at the City of Newcastle since the last informational post on September 12th. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and you're ready for the fall season. It’s my favorite...
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